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Mittwoch 30 Dezember 2020

WXL live concert available online now

On Saturday the 26th of December, we hosted a live Facebook premiere of Magne's 'White Xmas Lies' concert, recorded at Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo on December 4, 2019. Before the premiere began, Magne sent us a video from his cabin in the mountains, where his family celebrates Christmas. You can watch the video here

Following a three minute countdown, the premiere started at 5pm CET. The concert recording lasts about an hour, and the setlist included 11 songs:

1. Snow is Falling
2. The Light We Lost
3. A Wintry Silence
4. The Season to be Melancholy
5. Caprice Des Dieux
6. This is Now America
7. You Can’t Have it Both Ways (featuring Tini Flaat Mykland)
8. So Cold It’s Hard to Think
9. White Xmas Lies
10. Revelation Song
11. There Goes Another Year

All of the songs are from the album 'White Xmas Lies', except "You Can't Have It Both Ways", which was written by Magne, and can be found on Tini's 2014 album 'Undo My Heart'. 

Performing with Magne are Karl Oluf Wennerberg, Even Ormestad, Morten Qvenild, Madeleine Ossum, Emilie Heldal Lidsheim, Dan Sunhordvik and Tini Flaat Mykland. 

During the concert stream, Magne responded to questions from the audience in the chat area which displays next to the video; there were so many questions that it was hard for him to keep up! 


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