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Wednesday 04 October 2017

Catch a-ha on TV and radio this week

Morten and Magne are in the UK to promote 'MTV Unplugged - Summer Solstice', which is out on Friday. 

Your first chance to catch them will be on BBC Breakfast on Thursday 5 October, which starts at 6:00am.

Later on Thursday, Morten will be interviewed by Tammy Gooding on BBC Radio Hereford & Worchester. The program begins at 1:00pm. 

On release day, Morten will be a guest on Loose Women, which is on from 12:30pm. Some of you may remember that he was previously on the show in 2014.

Fans in Germany, Switzerland and Austria can watch 'MTV Unplugged' on TV on the following channels at these dates and times:


  • 06.10 at 23:15H - Premiere
  • 07.10 at 17:40H
  • 08.10 at 11:15H
  • 08.10 at 01:50H
  • 09.10 at 22:15H
  • 10.10 at 17:00H
  • 11:10 at 01:00H
  • 12.10 at 19:40H


  • 07.10 at 13:00H - Premiere
  • 08.10 at 09:00H
  • 09.10 at 11:00H
  • 11.10 at 12:00H
  • 13.10 at 02:00H
  • 14.10 at 11:00H


  • 08.10 at 22:20H - Premiere


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