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Released Nov 04, 2005

Analogue (2005)


After a three-and-a-half year break, Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy are back. With their eighth studio album and a European tour, a-ha continue their remarkable career.

The album Analogue and the tour of the same name exactly mark the 20th anniversary of their first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 when they stormed the pop world with "Take On Me". Thereafter, a-ha continued to show that their first hit had only scratched the surface. A collective that works in a surprisingly complex way has always been hidden beneath the surface. As friends, musicians, stars and human beings, a-ha have in the course of time accomplished almost everything. Analogue is their current stocktaking - that does not mean that things have reached a happy end, because a-ha will in the future also continue to remain true to the maxim "work in progress."

Analogue is an album that treads new ground and thereby undeniably represents a-ha, starting with the first single "Celice", which is both cold and affectionate, up to the irresistibly catchy "Analogue" and "Halfway Through The Tour", up to the reflective, sensitive "Keeper Of The Flame", as well as the band's personal favorite "Cosy Prisons".

Track List

Disc 1 Analogue (2005)

  • 1: Celice
  • 2: Don’t Do Me Any Favours
  • 3: Cosy Prisons
  • 4: Analogue
  • 5: Birthright
  • 6: Holyground
  • 7: Over The Treetops
  • 8: Halfway Through The Tour
  • 9: Keeper Of The Flame
  • 10: A Fine Blue Line
  • 11: Make It Soon
  • 12: White Dwarf
  • 13: The Summers Of Our Youth

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