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Released May 03, 1988

Stay On These Roads (1988)


a-ha's third album, described by Magne as "a hard album to make," added four more top 20 songs to a-ha's growing list of hits; the title track, "The Blood That Moves the Body," "Touchy" and "You Are the One." A 74-city world tour followed its release.

The band is particularly proud of the title track, all three contributed to writing it. To this day, "Stay On These Roads" and "The Living Daylights" are live set mainstays, drawing exhuberant audience participation every night.

William Ruhlmann, AllMusic Guide: "[...] in the U.K., the album became the group's third straight to peak at number two, though it charted for a shorter period than the first two albums, and there were four Top 25 hits — the title track, "The Blood That Moves the Body," "Touchy!," and "You Are the One." (Also included was a-ha's 1987 theme from the James Bond movie The Living Daylights, a U.K. number five that missed the U.S. charts.)"

Track List

Disc 1 Stay On These Roads (1988)

  • 1: Stay On These Roads
  • 2: The Blood That Moves The Body
  • 3: Touchy!
  • 4: This Alone Is Love
  • 5: Hurry Home
  • 6: The Living Daylights
  • 7: There’s Never A Forever Thing
  • 8: Out Of Blue Comes Green
  • 9: You Are The One
  • 10: You’ll End Up Crying

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