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Released Apr 24, 2002

Lifelines (2002)


With Lifelines, a-ha began to collaborate in new ways. Eight of the songs are written by Magne, four of which were written together with Morten. The album went platinum in Norway, and the ensuing seven-month tour was kicked off at Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo.

Praised as 'complex and sumptuous' in the German press, Lifelines consistently received high marks in reviews. The recognition was hard-earned: the album was another difficult one for the band to make, and there were often tensions over each person's contribution. However that may be, in the end there were two top five hits, "Forever Not Yours" and "Lifelines."

Track List

Disc 1 Lifelines (2002)

  • 1: Lifelines
  • 2: You Wanted More
  • 3: Forever Not Yours
  • 4: There’s A Reason For It
  • 5: Time & Again
  • 6: Did Anyone Approach You?
  • 7: Afternoon High
  • 8: Oranges On Appletrees
  • 9: A Little Bit
  • 10: Less Than Pure
  • 11: Turn The Lights Down
  • 12: Cannot Hide
  • 13: White Canvas
  • 14: Dragonfly
  • 15: Solace

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