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ReleasedNov 04, 1991

Headlines And Deadlines (1991)


This "greatest hits" album was released by Warner Music worldwide (except in the US and Canada) in 1991. It contains 15 of a-ha's "hits" as well as a new track, "Move to Memphis," which was released as a new single to promote the CD.

To coincide with the album, Warner also released a DVD including the videos to all the songs from the album; it was the first commercial release of a-ha videos.

Track List

Disc1Headlines And Deadlines (1991)

  • 1:Take On Me
  • 2:Cry Wolf
  • 3:Touchy!
  • 4:You Are The One (remix)
  • 5:Manhattan Skyline
  • 6:The Blood That Moves The Body
  • 7:Early Morning
  • 8:Hunting High and Low (Remix)
  • 9:Move To Memphis
  • 10:I’ve Been Losing You
  • 11:The Living Daylights
  • 12:Crying In The Rain
  • 13:I Call Your Name
  • 14:Stay On These Roads
  • 15:Train Of Thought (remix)
  • 16:The Sun Always Shines On TV


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