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Released Jun 14, 1993

Memorial Beach (1993)


a-ha's fifth album, Memorial Beach, was recorded primarily at Prince's Paisley Park studios outside Minneapolis in the U.S. Featured among the tracks is "Angel in the Snow," a song Paul wrote for Lauren Savoy for her wedding gift and the eight-minute epic "Cold As Stone."

What turned out to be a-ha's last American release spawned three more top 25 singles, "Move to Memphis," "Dark is the Night" and "Angel in the Snow." Recording the album was, according to Morten, "A rather dark and heavy period for the band."

Magne: "I dig 'Memorial Beach,' and 'Dark is the Night for All' is the high point, the best thing on the disc."

Track List

Disc 1 Memorial Beach (1993)

  • 1: Dark Is The Night For All
  • 2: Move To Memphis
  • 3: Cold As Stone
  • 4: Angel In The Snow
  • 5: Locust
  • 6: Lie Down In Darkness
  • 7: How Sweet It Was
  • 8: Lamb To The Slaughter
  • 9: Between Your Mama And Yourself
  • 10: Memorial Beach

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