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Released Apr 14, 2000

Minor Earth Major Sky (2000)


After reforming in 1998 to perform two songs together at the Nobel Peace Prize concert, a-ha decided to make it more than a one-time thing.

The resulting album reached platinum sales and spawned four #1 hits, "Minor Earth Major Sky," "Velvet," "The Sun Never Shone That Day" and "Summer Moved On." The latter went to #1 in an astonishing 17 countries and features a world record 20-second vocal note by Morten.

Track List

Disc 1 Minor Earth Major Sky (2000)

  • 1: Minor Earth, Major Sky
  • 2: Little Black Heart
  • 3: Velvet
  • 4: Summer Moved On
  • 5: The Sun Never Shone That Day
  • 6: To Let You Win
  • 7: The Company Man
  • 8: Thought That It Was You
  • 9: I Wish I Cared
  • 10: Barely Hanging On
  • 11: You’ll Never Get Over Me
  • 12: I Won’t Forget Her
  • 13: Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count

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