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ReleasedJul 06, 2010

Scoundrel Days Deluxe Edition (2010)


The deluxe version of the remastered edition of a-ha's sophomore release Scoundrel Days has been expanded with demos for each album track; the B-side "This Alone Is Love" as well as unreleased live performances of "Train Of Thought," "I've Been Losing You," "Blue Sky," and "Cry Wolf" recorded in England.

Angela Clow wrote in a fan review about Scoundrel Days, "The eagerly awaited second album gave us all a taste of the versatility that defined a-ha in later years. This potent collection of atmospheric and melancholic melodies blew the lid off the misconception that a-ha were just a synth-pop band with each song perfectly capturing the essence of emotions that we all deal with at different stages of our lives. Scoundrel Days heralded a more mature and rock-based sound whilst still retaining the charm of their earlier work. The songs are all written by either Paul or Magne (or both) with Morten taking a backseat to the song writing focussing on his vocals to stunning effect, in perfect harmony with the emotional intensity of each song."

"From the opening bars of "Scoundrel Days" to the closing lyrics of "Soft Rains of April" it is obvious that the band had departed from the 'pop' sound of their first album. Scoundrel Days is not as 'easy listening' as Hunting High and Low, the tracks are more thought provoking and highlight the growing maturity of a-ha's sound at the time of its release," says Fiona Bingham in her album review. "Scoundrel Days is a perfect example of a-ha at their best."

Liner Notes:


All selections on disc 2 Produced by a-ha

Photography by Knut Bry
Art Direction: Jeri McManus Heiden
Design: Jeri McManus Heiden, Kim Champagne

Harald Wiik / a-ha network

Reissue Credits:
Reissue Produced for Release by Bill Inglot
Art Direction & Design: Jeri Heiden for Smog Design
Remastering: Dan Hersch, Dave Schultz & Bill Inglot at DigiPrep

Project Assistance:
Steve Woolard, Casey Estevez, Kris Ahrend, Amanda Smith, Julie Brunnick, David Gorman, Aleeta Mayo, William Barker, Steven Chean, Lyn Fey, Julee Stover, Julie Temkin

With more than special thanks to Christopher Hopkins, P.A. Stenersen, and Svein Erichsen & Andy Popplewell

Track List

Disc1Scoundrel Days Deluxe Edition (2010)

  • 1:Scoundrel Days
  • 2:The Swing Of Things
  • 3:I’ve Been Losing You
  • 4: October
  • 5:Manhattan Skyline
  • 6:Cry Wolf
  • 7:We’re Looking For The Whales
  • 8:The Weight Of The Wind
  • 9:Maybe, Maybe
  • 10:Soft Rains Of April
  • 11:I’ve Been Losing You (Extended)
  • 12:Cry Wolf (Extended)
  • 13:Manhattan Skyline (Extended)
  • 14:Scoundrel Days (Demo)
  • 15:The Swing Of Things (Demo #3)
  • 16:I’ve Been Losing You (Octocon Studio Demo)
  • 17:October (Demo)
  • 18:Manhattan Skyline (Demo)
  • 19:Cry Wolf (Demo)
  • 20:We’re Looking For The Whales (Demo)
  • 21:The Weight Of The Wind (Demo)
  • 22:Maybe, Maybe (Demo)
  • 23:Soft Rains Of April (Guitar Version)
  • 24:Scoundrel Days (Octocon Studio Demo)
  • 25:This Alone Is Love (Original Version)
  • 26:Days On End (Demo)
  • 27:Train Of Thought (Live In Croydon)
  • 28:I’ve Been Losing You (Live In Croydon)
  • 29:The Blue Sky (Live In Croydon)
  • 30:We’re Looking For The Whales (Live In Croydon)
  • 31:Cry Wolf (Live In Croydon)


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